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Tips on caring a video camera

  1. Do not leave cassette in the camera when not in use. As tapes can cause friction on camera's head, it also able to make problem in recording and playing process.

  2. If you use the camera for only recording, capture the image put on a small camcorder (Handycam) let alone use a fast player facility (me-rewinder and reverse) in the camera, friction tape on the head when rewinder makes creating a thin surface of head gear can also damage the camera mechanics your MD.

  3. Do not be too often use function button on the camera manually, unless it is absolutely necessary because the button arrangement is rotated and pressed it too hard make easyly damaged.

  4. If forced to use a cassette former MDV former, use an old cassette, but cassette are not humid conditions. Tape with the sticky tape can make the tape stick on the drum so that it can damage the cassette and can damage the video head.

  5. Do not leave the battery in the camera when not in use. Because the camera is still appealing a small amount of battery energy, but the constant so that can deplete the battery.

  6. Use the camera until the battery is completely discharged.

  7. Keep the camera warm place, so as not to rust if stored.

  8. Stored in a soft bag, to protect the sensitive parts in case of collision.

  9. Periodically clean the camera body using a brush to clean the camera from dust.