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Projector Lamp Caring TIPS:

1. Do not be too often to turn off the Projector. Minimal turn it on about 20
minutes. Lights will be far more durable than living off after 5 minutes.

2. Let Projector lamp if there is a break or a rest period of less than 20 minutes.

3. Never turn on the projector in a hurry, if the electricity suddenly went out (few seconds).
Wait at least 2 minutes to get it started again.

4. Turn on the projector at least 2 hours after lights out and replaced.

5. Filter air check and clean regularly.

6. Use voltage stabilizer (Type: Servo Motor) if you are not sure Voltage Electric
Projector used in place of, really stable.

7. Never touch lamp parts made ​​of glass.

8. Do not use a lamp that has run out of period.