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Tips for Installing a Video Wall

The digital display market is booming. Multiple displays aren’t just cropping up in airports. Corporate boardrooms, home theaters and IT control rooms with cutting edge digital video walls are all the rage. Video walls are composed of multiple flat panel displays mounted edge-to-edge to create one large display. A video wall can present a lot of different content at once on separate screens, or display one large image for maximum impact.

Not long ago displays like this took many days of planning and professional installation. New installer-friendly mounting solutions, like Chief’s Fusion™ Series Pull-Out Mounts, have made it simple to install a multi-screen video wall. Once you have decided where you want to place your video wall, follow this guide to create a 3x3 video wall.

Fusion Series Pull-Out Mounts are available for landscape and portrait installations of displays ranging from 26–63". Each model extends 7" (178 mm) to provide easy access to the back of each individual display for maintenance. Additional features like post-installation lateral and vertical shift and plumb adjustment allow you to get the screens as close together and as level as possible for a flawless, professional look.

Once you’ve decided where you would like your video wall placed, it’s time to start mounting.

  1. Attach the mounting brackets to the back of each screen.

  2. Install the bottom left corner mount to the wall following instructions in the included manual.

    The key to the next part of the installation is to get the mounts as close to one screen width apart as possible. The mounts should be driven into wall studs; however, with Chief Fusion Mounts the wall stud centers do not have to correspond exactly with the final placement of the screens. The wall bracket features Centerless™ post-installation lateral shift, allowing you to slide your screen up to 8" (203 mm) to the left or right for a total of 16" (406 mm) of movement, so you can fine-tune your placement while still hitting the studs.

  1. Install the bottom middle mount as close as possible to one full screen width to the right of the first mount.

  2. Install the bottom right mount as close as possible to one full screen width to the right of the middle mount. Now that you have one full row of brackets on the wall, it’s time to move up a row. Install the next two rows of mounts one full screen height up from the previous row.

  1. Following the installation manual, attach each screen to its mount, beginning with the bottom row and work your way up.

  2. Connect the cables by pulling the mount straight out to access the necessary connections. Once the cables are in place, simply push the screens back in.

  3. Adjust as needed. Adjust the height and leveling after the mount is in place using ControlZone™. Post-installation height adjustment ensures that you can have a seamless look with no gaps between rows. Plumb adjustments can help hide flaws if the wall isn’t perfectly smooth. For security, Fusion Pull-Out Mounts make it easy to integrate security by attaching a padlock to protect the screens against theft.

    Once you are done adjusting, the result will be a perfectly seamless 3x3 video wall display.