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How to take care professional camera.

Here's a camera care tips in order to function properly and the maximum as well as long-lived.

  • Avoid the camera from excessive shock. How, for example by putting a camera inside a special bag with a protective foam on the surroundings. Usually, these bags also have barriers that can be removed. It is necessary to avoid excessive shocks to the external environment as well as clashes between equipment. So that the camera is not moist, it helps if you put a silica gel on the inside of the camera bag.

  • Avoid direct contact with sunlight. Keep your digital camera you do not get sunburnt or exposed to direct sunlight and excessive. For high heat can damage camera parts made of plastic and rubber as well as other electronic components.

  • Clean the camera and lens. Camera Should Be cleaned once a week or regularly and periodically. For the physical part the which camera to use a clean dry cloth and not rude. While the inside and small elements, use a blower or blowers That many cameras sold in stores.

  • Avoid scratches on the lens. To avoid scratches, Should you have a permanently attached lens filter thread section fronts. A common filter is a type of filter to be protective UV (ultraviolet) or skylight filter. Meanwhile, to avoid scratches on the back of the lens bodycup try to always put the cover when the lens is removed from the camera body.

  • While doing photo shoots in the beach area, avoid the possibility of the camera from splashes of sea water or even to plunge in it because sea water can cause corrosion potential of the camera. Obligatory cleaning after using the camera as soon as possible in coastal areas because water vapor is typically the sea often leave the salt grains that cause rust on the camera.

  • Do not be too often clean the lens or clean the inside if moldy. Because the glass lenses are so sensitive. For the more frequent cleaning may also result in poor image quality.

  • Do not keep them in the wardrobe. Because it can invite fungus that attaches to the inside of the camera lens.
Never store the camera in any wardrobe or closet that has been filled in mothballs or camphor fragrance clothes. Because camphor is the most potent destroyer of the camera, which can wipe wiped his camera and the other camera-based rubber. In the electronic camera camphor can damage path on the PCB (printed circuit board) is a chip-chip camera attached and some elements of the chip itself. Even the camphor vapor it can also tarnish and make fence on the lens.