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Plasma TV Mounting Brackets Installation Tips

Plasma TV mounting brackets are needed to install your state of the art plasma TV on the wall. You can find many kinds of brackets to buy. If you are lucky, your new television came with the mounting kit that is ready to be installed. Alternatively you will need to buy the kit yourself separately.

Before you actually mount your new TV on the wall, you need decide which mounting brackets you are going to use. Unlike years ago, you are in luck now thanks to the VESA standard that is in place nowadays, which makes mounting of any TV very easy. Basically VESA is all about the way the television is fitted to teh mounting devide. The holes are standard on the back of the TV, which means that you can easily match it with any kinds of mounts available nowadays to buy. Unless you get yourself some unknown brand from some small manufacturer, these days all big television manufacturers adhere to the VESA standards, including companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Daewoo and others.

Installation Tips

If your TV stand comes with a pole mount for your flat TV, you can easily attach the TV to the pole using the TV mounting brackets. This will also let you swivel the TV so you can get access to view the screen from many different angles. To mount the TV to the wall you can easily find a phletora of wall mount brackets to buy online or at the local retail stores. For example if you are strapped for cash, you can easily get a low profile wall mount bracket that will simply allow your TV to hang from the wall like a painting. Not much movement is possible here though. When you use this brackets, you will hang your TV higher up the wall so it has a wider reach. If you get yourself a swivel mount, you can actually turn the TV sideways and up and down, depending on your sitting location.

Also you will need to check that your mounting kit is able to accomodate the flat TV weight easily. You should never buy mounting brackets before you know the TV weight and size, since if the mounting device is smaller, the flat screen TV might fall on the floor at any moment. The brackets should be able to hold a bit more than the actual TV weight. This will makes the TV safe on the wall even if somebody leans on it or pulls on the TV by accident.

As to the proper wiring, before you actually do the installation, you need to decide how the wiring of cables will be in place. Will it be at the back, behind the wall or will you have a mount conduit (HDMI) that will effectively hide the wires? The wires should not be visible once the TV is mounted as it will look quite ugly.

You can buy the plasma TV mounting brackets from any retail stores that have flat screen televisions. A cheaper wall mount would be to buy them online as you will find more choices there, particularly if you look at Amazon, which is known for their cheapest price at great quality. Sometimes you will find a mount bracket at less than $50, which is quite reasonable for such a wall mounting device. It all depends on where you get it from and what type of mounting brackets you get, how flexible they will allow your TV to be on the wall. Will it be tilt, or swivel mount. An additional factor that people like using

Plasma TV mounting brackets

For is the aesthetical appeal. These brackets effectively do any TV justice. They are nice to look at and they no longer appear like some ugly black or gray monster irons as they used to be years ago. Now they can easily integrate with the interior decoration of any room without a need to hide it away from view.