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Tips on how to get that plasma TV mounted on the wall

I've done this a couple of times. It's not all that difficult but you should have at least one person available to help as they plasmas tend to be pretty heavy.

I'd recommend using a mount that tilts, otherwise you'll have to be careful to mount at the correct height for your eye level. The tilt also makes it easier to attach cables. At least that's the case with my rather large hands.
Make sure you have the proper size and length wood screws and drive them centered on the studs. I wouldn't trust using any kind of drywall mounting (like toggle bolts)...not worth the risk.

If you're mounting high on the wall (like you might do in a bedroom), measure carefully so you have some space between the ceiling and the top of the TV. Other than that, lift carefully when placing or removing the TV, and remember to secure the set screws on the mount so the TV can't suddenly do an olympic dismount maneuver.