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When is a Notebook preferable to a Desktop Computer?

You should go in for a Notebook Computer rather than a Desktop, if one or more of the following applies to you:

1. A significant part of your computing is away from your desk at home/ office. Therefore, you cannot lug around a bulky desktop or find a convenient power socket at all times!

2. You need to access the Internet during your travel/ trip away from your desk. Wi-Fi hotspots allow your Notebook to do just that and today, there are Wi-Fi hot spots at most Airports, Hotels and other public places. You may need to pay for availing some of these hot sport though

3. Even at your work spot, you are severely constrained for space - a Notebook occupies much less space and creates much less clutter, than a Desktop

4. You are not going to be running heavy applications - say an Oracle Database or a CAD/ CAM solution - on your Notebook

5. You (or your organization) is prepared to pay anything from 30% more and upwards, for a Notebook. Even an entry-level Notebooks costs 30% more than a comparable Desktop, with high-end Notebook costing even 3 times as much as a Desktop!

6. You have severe power problems at your place of work and are willing to pay more for a Notebook, which, after all, runs off a battery

7. You do not plan on major upgrades to your Notebook's hardware for the foreseeable future. A Notebook has very limited upgrade options, unlike a Desktop. While you can upgrade virtually everything in a Desktop - including its Motherboard and processor - at a reasonable cost, doing so with a Notebook would not be economical, as it would cost as more than a new Notebook!

8. You are prepared for about 20% higher Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). A Notebook requires change or Batteries every 2 years or so. Repairs to a Notebook also cost more than repairs to a Desktop Computer, thus hiking up the TCO of Notebooks