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Audio Conferencing Tips
Silence and Clarity are the best audio conferencing tips that I can provide...


Video shooting tips
Learn the speed shutter RTFM RUINED or shutter speed, and then try to take pictures in the room and out of the room, trying to learn the menus that are in your camera...


Once you’ve decided where you would like your video wall placed, it’s time to start mounting
Attach the mounting brackets to the back of each screen... 


Projector Lamp Caring
Do not be too often off the Projector revive. Minimal Projector live about 20 minutes. Lights will be far more durable than living off after 5 minutes.


There are some special treatment for LCD monitors in this case is for the treatment of an LCD monitor, here are some steps
If necessary use the LCD, do not use it if you do not need, and do not use it very necessary 24 hours nonstop, there must be time for any electronic item jedanya there lifetime (Lifetime).


9 Tips for using a Video Switcher
A video switcher will let you mix together several different video feeds. It can also be used for creating transitions and other effects.


Installing a Plasma Wall Mount Bracket
After purchasing your plasma television, it may seem like all of the hard work is done. Installing the television at home is typically quite simple now due to easy to follow manuals and labeled cords...


Rental Sound System


Caring for and Maintaining Your Projector Screen
There are a few things you can do to help preserve the life of your fixed projector screen, beginning from when you first bring the screen home...


Taking Care of Your Projector Lamp
People that utilize projectors or are thinking about purchasing a projector are going to have to think about many different things in terms of caring for the products.  


Caring for an LCD Screen
The most important part of caring for an LCD screen is to dust it regularly...


Laptop Battery Tips Caring
Make sure you can predict the length of time will use a laptop or notebook...  


Caring for LCD Monitor
The development of increasingly sophisticated electronic technologies can indeed facilitate our work...


Here are tips on proper care of your DVD player to keep it preserved
Save the DVD player in a closed place like a shelf, that are not easily affected by dust. Also avoid hot or humid places...


Caring for a video camera
Do not leave tapes in the camera when not in use...


Basic Camera Care
Similar to your photographic lenses, the 3 main enemies of your camera are...


How to Clean Printer Cartridges
Clogged printer cartridges are one major disadvantage of inkjet printers. Over time, the ink cartridges in your printer can become clogged with dried ink...


Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Microphone
Studio condenser mics have large diaphragms, typically 1”, for high sensitivity and a wide frequency range which is ideal for recording vocals, acoustic guitar or similar instruments...


Choosing the best video conferencing software for your company
You really should be video conferencing. Why? Because video conferencing allows people to meet “face-to-face” while being anywhere in the world.


How to Buy Digital Video Equipment
Do you have trouble selecting and buying digital video equipment? Can't decide which digital camcorder to buy? ...


Some items that a company should consider when choosing an Audio Conference System
For larger audio conference solutions a web based portal is important to provide complete conference control to the conference moderator...


Projectors Guide - How to choose a projector
With so many different projectors on the market it is easy to become confused...  


Buying advice: Plasma TVs
Plasma TVs make a blockbuster first impression. A scant 6 inches thick or less, these sleek, flat panels display bright images on screens measuring 42 to 60 inches or more diagonally...  


How to clean and maintain an LCD or LED Television
It is recommended to use the product at room temperature and humidity in order to maintain it's optimum performance.>


The Top 10 Laptop Care Tips - Dramatically Extend The Life Of Your Laptop
There are several things that you should really do to take care of your laptop when you are trying to make sure it lasts a long time...


Computer Care Tips - Keeping it Clean
One of the most important things you can do to protect the health of your computer is to keep it away from dust. This means dusting near it...


Quick tips when using a hand held microphone
The hand held mic is best held as unobtrusively as possible to the face, head and shoulders unless you are purposfully playing your mic...


Quick tips of things to avoid when using a hand held microphone
This happens a lot with beginning microphone users maybe in a vain attempt to keep it from being visable to a camera...


Ways to Shoot Video Like a Pro
Nothing brings out the camcorders like the holidays, which is why this is the perfect time to admit an ugly truth...


8 Guidelines To Taking Panoramic Photos With Any Camera
Back in the days of film cameras, creating a panoramic photograph meant either buying a particular, expensive camera or hours in the darkroom...